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DV Fic - Eudaemon

A second chance.

They have returned, as I knew they would.

 I remember them when they were new, when they were first upon this earth. So bright and shinning in their armour: the gallant captain, the doughty gentleman. An unnatural pairing, perhaps, but oh, so very right for each other. I had watched them; marvelled at them; made them both my own. Was that the cause: was I too close, too blinded by their brilliance to foresee the danger?

 Wiser heads than mine begged caution, but there was such energy between them; such passion emanating from them, like St Elmo's fire exploding from the ship's main mast. Together they seemed indomitable. I was myself but young, too inexperienced in the ways of mortal men; I was overwhelmed by their combined aura. Each was impressive in his own right, but in consort they were magnificent. I wanted only for them to be together always. I thought that was what they wanted too.

 But oh, their ending was so wrong! There was love between them, of that I have no doubt, but their pride, their ambition, destroyed it all. Perhaps, as I was warned, the time was not right for a love such as theirs. They were both at fault; neither was able to see their own folly. Together they could have triumphed over all adversity throughout their lives and been happy. But no, each thought he had the right, the need, to rule the other.

 And in the end what was won? The gentleman was destroyed, his young life so cruelly ended with the fall of an axe, his beautiful body left behind on a desolate beach on the far side of the world; his worth forgotten or misrepresented in history. The captain continued on in lonely isolation to become famous, and then infamous. He was knighted by his Queen, and then discarded by her. He had conquered all the seas of the globe but in the end suffered an ignominious death, a friendless failure whose dying wish, to be buried in the homeland he had so loved, was ignored.

 I wept for them: they were my greatest failure, and I have waited all these long years to right this wrong ....

But how to remedy it? I have had much time to ponder this question. I have rehearsed so many alternatives in my mind. One must give way. But which one? Perhaps they need to live quite separate lives, only coming together for brief encounters- mere moments of incandescent bliss - but then how will each be happy without the other? This time I will take wise counsel, for they are again both of such intensity that they defy reason.

 Already they have met, and the old flame has been rekindled. A wily, ambitious sea captain seeking sunken treasure and an elegant, cultured entrepreneur, with money to invest, and a hunger for adventure; their spirits and their bodies long for each other. Each craves the other's company, the other's touch. Their need is palpable. And yet the old problem has emerged anon, with each encounter they compete for ascendancy.

 Could they perhaps reach an accord - one rules whilst on land, the other on the seas? Could this be done? Both had been loyal subjects of their Queen; both had been ruled by her, why not by each other? If they can be made to understand the dire consequences of their unruly natures it may yet be possible to save them. We can but try.










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Sep. 30th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Yes, do try! *hugz the boyz*
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