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DV Fic - 3rd July 1578

Thomas has a few words regarding the recent nuptials....

I wake to the soft, pale light of a new borne daye and the gentle lapping of the water against the hull of the shipp. My bodie aches, but in the most decadently satisfying manner, every twynge a reminder of the past evening’s pleasures. Never before have I experienced such a feeling of such unrestrained joye, of contentedness, of belonging. Free, I feel so free, and yet I be so very closely held in the strong arms of my Captain General that I can barely move.

By rights I shoulde be dead; buried in the cold sand of a desolate beach. My head separated from my bodie; my foes rejoycing of my demise.

Instead I’m safe; I’m warm.

Me thinks, mayhap, todaye I shoulde commence a newe journale, to mark the beginning of my newe life.

This unconventional accord between the Captain General and myself was of young Captain Wynter’s devising. Barely more than a youth, trying desperately to fill the very large boots of a long illustrious line of Captains Wynter, he had struggled throughout this, his first voyage as commander, to maintain his authority on a shipp of hardened and experience mariners. But he had proved a goode friend to me. It was he who presented the courte with an alternative to my execution. How he had devyned that his plan would meet with Drake’s approbation, indeed I knowe not. It had never occurred to me that the Captain General had desired me in this manner. Wynter argued that our tiny fleet needed all its able men if we were to survive, and that my deathe would do nought to quell the rumblings of mutiny which Drake so feared.  And, as my transgressions were borne not so muche of malice but of wounded pride, it would be the better lyked by all the companie to have the perceived leader of any opposition humbly pledge personal allegiance to the Captain General.

For my part, I was appalled at the suggestion. That I, a gentleman of the Inner Temple, should give myself to Drake, a man of meane birth and questionable character, was not to be contemplated. And yet, and yet, if I am to be honest, I must here admit that oft in our cabin I had watched the surly Captain as he did undress and felt a certaine… hunger.

Nevertheless, my first response was to refuse utterly. It was unthinkable. I would rather die; but Wynter and Leonard had counseled me, appealing to my sense of self sacrifice for the better goode of all.  Would Drake, after all, stop at one gentleman’s head? Who would be next, my own brother mayhap?    Certes, their arguments held some value; and so I acceded to proposal, the Captain and I exchanging our vows solemnly before the whole ships’ companie.

What now the future holds for us I knowe not, but in this strange antipodean land, where fish fly through the aire lyke birds and birds swim ‘neath the sea lyke fish; where summer be winter, and where travellers navigate by a south pointing star,  who is to saye that a gentleman may not marrie a Captain and be happie?

So here be I in my Captain General’s arms; I feel his warm breath on the nape of my neck. He slumbers still, but I can I feel his desire growing, pressing provocatively against my back.  

I’m safe, I’m warm, I’m …I’m hungry…..




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Apr. 13th, 2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
AAAAAWWWWWWW. *hugz the boyz*
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