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After the party's over ...

.. sometimes a friend stays back to help tidy up.

With thanks to

shimere277, captain general of dv_squee, for organising the day of fquie for Thomas' anniversary. 
'Twas awesome indeed.

Title:  Happy Anniversary
Rating:  Gen
Synopsis:  Leonard was feeling a little awkward about Puppie's anniversary and came late.



Well Thomas, what a day you had for your anniversary.  All that fquiee from your fans, I see you look right pleased with yourself.  You did always love to be the centre of attention.  The second of July, two thousand and eight; who would have thought so many years after your unjust execution that your fight to redeem your reputation would be championed with such enthusiasm and dedication by your new found friends? 

I’m pleased for you too; you deserve the accolades.  You were ne’er a saint dear Thomas, this I know, but you were ever a faithful and loving friend.

You might well wonder why my voice has not been added to the fquiee.  I did after all count myself your closest friend in those years when Elizabeth reigned.

In truth, I am embarrassed.  I let you down Thomas.  I did try to save you but I was found wanting.  In London, at the Temple, I was a good advocate; I have no doubt of that.  But at sea Thomas, at sea and in the face of Drake, I was hopelessly inadequate. 

And even after your death I failed you again.  I promised to protect John, but Drake had other plans, of course.  When I was so quickly exiled to the Elizabeth I was torn betwixt my feelings of despair at having left John but also relief to be away from our mad captain general, especially when John Wynter took the “advice” of his mariners and headed for home.  He was quite mad you know, our good Captain Drake.  He suffered delusions, nightmares, all manner of torments after your death.  Serve him right, the bastard.

When John returned home with the triumphant Drake I did try to counsel him but it was to no avail.  His soul had been so damaged by the events of the voyage that he lived only for revenge and so acted against his foe in any manner he could. I was by then in such poor health as to have no strength to prevail upon him to desist.

I was ne’er a devout man like you, Thomas.  As I lay on my death bed I expected nothing beyond.  But the fates it seems are fickeled.  You, who believed so fervently in an afterlife of grace and goodness and I, who believed in nothing at all, are yet abroad upon the same vast oceans.  But now we seem to encompass not only the world but the universe, each bumping into the other at diverse times and places and re-enacting the same melodrama over and over again.

One day, I hope, we will all find peace.  I notice some do no longer make the pilgrimage to that sorry bay in Patagonia each July.  They may have moved on to a better place or perhaps they have just been forgotten in time. 

But you have most certainly not been forgotten, dear Thomas, so until we meet again, (for I doubt not that I will be with you anon in some strange new reincarnation if your Ladies of Fquie have any say in the matter) I would like to say what I have not, in all these hundreds of years, been able to say.  I’m sorry for failing you Thomas. I wish I could have done better.





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Jul. 4th, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
Aww. Lennie, you're a sweetheart. Not everyone can be fearless, I'm sure Thomas understands.
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