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Title: Crossroads

Rating: Gen

Theme: Crosses – for the dv_squee ficathon on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Thomas Doughtie



Where are you Thomas Doughtie?  Where is my prize? Have you deserted me? Did you conjure the winds to escape me?

I trusted thee!

You smile. "'Twas but a freak of nature, Francis," you say.  Nature? I think not. One ship sails on while the others languish?  No, there be witchcraft here Thomas Doughtie, witchcraft or vile treachery.



Are you afeard of me Thomas Doughtie?  Or do you fear the sea?

I relied 'pon thee!

You were ne'er a coward in Ireland.  Ne'er afeard of anything, least of all me.  Others were, but not you.  You pledged you would support me.  Now you speak of mutiny to the men; challenge my authority; plot against my venture, perhaps even my life.




Do you seek to hurt me Thomas Doughtie?

I shared my dreams with thee!

You accuse my brother of theft and deceit.  He accusses you.  You cannot expect me to act against him.  Not my own brother. Not even for you.




Do you hate me Thomas Doughtie?  Have you come to despise our friendship?

I did truely love thee!

You call me 'ship's boy', 'no gentleman'.  You're arrogant and argumentative, insulting and condesending.  And you're soft.  Too soft for life at sea. Would to God I had ne'er brought you on this voyage.




You told Burghley Thomas Doughtie? Burghley! Burghley!  'Swounds, of all the men who would seek to bring me low; thwart my dreams and my ambitions; imperil my very life, you told Burghley?

I believed in thee!

You disemble, use your polished lawyer's tongue, make excuses. Nay, 'tis all too clear now. You were ne'er honest in our dealings. You are the instrument of mine enemies.




Where do we go from here Thomas Doughtie?

I am betrayed!

We are at the crossroads.  I must traverse the Straits of Magellan.  I must fulfil my destiny.  I have looked upon the great Pacific and I must conquer it. I can allow no clemency or sentiment. Your voyage ends here but I must go forward. I must, I must ... destroy thee Thomas Doughtie.



Lo, this be the end of all traitors.







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