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 Written for the leftovers of the requestathon for the first anniversary of dv_squee in March 2008.

Title: Sacrifice
Rating: Gen
Requested by: entropy house
Prompt: A story from the POV of Queen Elizabeth.  What did she REALLY think about Drake's actions?

So, my Ladies of Fquie, ye think me heartless and cruel that I did honour and protect Drake when he had mordered (as you say) your beloved Puppie?

Ye think me greedy; blinded by the spoils which Drake did lay before me ‘pon his return from the great circumnavigation; so corrupted by golde that I would deny John Doughtie justice when he did seek to press his claim 'gainst his brother’s ‘morderer’?

Well, mayhap in part ‘tis true, but praye tell, my Ladies, what knowe any of thee of ruling a nation, of a woman ruling in the place of a man, of the intrigue and treachery that daily did surround the crowne, of war and diplomacy? Ye who be so far removed from me in time and culture, ye knowe nought.

England needed Drake. She did not need Doughtie. There be the truth of it.

I have no false modesty. I made England strong and if ‘twere necessary to use and promote such men as Drake and Raleigh and Hawkins, then so be it. Likewise, if ‘twere meete to sacrifice such as Thomas and John Doughtie, I need not atone for this.

As for the golde, deare Ladies, those riches were n’er mine. They belonged to England and England had great need of them also.

But who be you to presume to sit in judgment ‘pon me? I, the daughter of King Henry, anointed ruler of England and Ireland, defender of the faith, a prince chosen by God to make England great.

I was e’er my father’s daughter. He taught me well that to rule was to sacrifice. He wished for a son to succeed him but nay, ‘twas only I who had the strength - the strength to endure, the strength to rule. For England, always for England and her people, I forsook my own happiness as a woman. I sacrificed my life for my countrie. Why should not others sacrifice theirs?

Ye grieve for Doughtie. This I do well understand and chide you not for your compassion, for I am well acquainted with the sorrows that do attend those left behind when the axe has kissed the neck of one beloved. Did not my own Mother meet with this same end when I was but a child, and my sweet but so, so foolish young Essex? It was at least an honourable death – a death befitting a Prince, a Lady or a Gentleman. And Doughtie met it well by all accounts.

Ah, but now mayhap I shall confess to you, as the goode and faithful friends I would have you be, that in some quiet moments I too did miss Doughtie and mourne his loss. He of the beautiful eyes, the sculptured lips and the lustrous hair. And what is this terme ye alle do use – eyelashes? Yes, this worde I like well. Doughtie did have the most wondrous eyelashes. His wit, his sharpe intelligence, his honesty and generosity, verily I did feel their loss most keenly.

So fquiee for your Puppie if ye will gentle Ladies, but remember, in the end alle was as it had to be. There can be but one Ruler on the land or 'pon the sea, in England that was I, Elizabeth, your loving Queen and on the seas ‘twas Drake, my fearless but remorseless Dragon.





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